Friday, 22 October 2010

In a Heartbeat: Vintage Givenchy Necklace

Vintage Givenchy Necklace

Firstly I apologise for the rubbish photo quality. I have to admit that today seems to have flown by and I still haven't had time to photograph some of my jewellery yet, so this is a quick phone photo.
I have had this necklace for probably about a year now. Everytime I wear it or even glance at it in my jewellery draw I feel as in love with it as when I came accross it on Ebay. Yes I will admit I am addicted to Ebay. I don't think that anyone can deny that buying something you love at a bargain price feels like one of the greatest achievements ever! I pretty much stole this necklace from an Ebayer at roughly $15 (sometimes some of the best vintage jewellery bargains are found on America's Ebay site, but just watch out for postage and custom charges!!).
I am totally in love with some of Givenchy's older jewellery and I have a couple more steals to share, so I promise I will take some better pictures of this beaut and get them posted asap.
(Usually the "In a Heartbeat" posts will be a lot shorter, I want to post a mix of detailed and snapshot posts, but I just can't help but go on about this necklace!)

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