Tuesday, 19 October 2010

In Love With: Annina Vogel

With so much vintage imitation jewellery appearing in shops at the moment, it's nice to see that some designers are still sticking to the real deal. Annina Vogel is a designer who makes bespoke pieces from antique charms and chains. Each piece is unique and made from her wide collection of vintage finds; recycling at its best. At a time when my heart sinks every time I see a "cash for gold" advert, it is nice to see that people are doing their best to save as many antique treasures for others to appreciate and enjoy.
Swallow Bracelet
I have to admit I have the hoarder gene and can't help but buy little trinkets that catch my eye whenever I am antique jewellery shopping. Sometimes however, I am unsure of what to do with them. After a quick browse on Annina's website you can see how simply adding a chain to a gentlemen’s watch fob or converting a brooch into a newly restored necklace, you can adapt items you thought were beautiful but would simply never get the use out of.


Annina Vogel's personal favourite charms

Having fans such as Kate Moss, Daisy Lowe, Jude Law and Russel Brand it is clear to see that Annina's creations are appreciated by a wide target market. Although the prices are a little too large for my purse to stretch to, at least in return for your money you receive real gold, diamond and pearl jewellery; pieces that will last for more than just one lifetime.

All images taken from Annina Vogel's website http://www.anninavogel.co.uk

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