Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A Little Too Steep

Although I love what Susan Caplan does, selling vintage jewellery in today's market, even making it accessible in high street style websites such as Asos, I feel that this accessibility comes at too high a price. As I have said already I am a huge fan of Ebay. It has opened up a whole world of shopping and collecting possibilities, so much so I check my Ebay page as much as Twitter and Facebook. Being able to buy from people who have acquired possessions or just want a clear out you can find, quite often, vintage designer jewellery at cheap prices.

At Matches Fashion you can buy a vintage Chanel Celtic cross necklace via Susan Caplan for the jaw breaking price of £850. Yes I know that Chanel isn't cheap to begin with and when this necklace was sold originally it would have cost somewhere around this price. But what we have to remember is that this necklace isn't new, and even though this does make it rarer to find, unless it is like gold dust, then the price should be a little less. I actually managed to grab this very same necklace on Ebay for less than £80. I know that I was lucky on that day, it should be and I think is worth more than that, however I have scraped hundreds off of Caplan's price.

One thing you should be aware of when buying from Ebay is that you need to know your stuff. There are some great guides Ebay members have posted about being able to authenticate items, even vintage jewellery, so if you are interested please take a look. I have spent a lot of time researching about things like this, as who really wants to throw their money down the drain on some cheap knock-off? (I am thinking of doing a couple of posts on how to authenticate certain brands so keep a look out). Obviously if you don't want to take the risk, buying from Susan Caplan means you are guaranteed authenticity, which yes should come at an extra price. Companies such as these make vintage collecting a lot easier and less stressful, especially if you don't want to have to spend a good few hours trawling the web and reading up as if preparing for an exam just to buy a necklace. Just be aware that like all other purchases shop around, you may be surprised at what you might find!

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