Tuesday, 2 November 2010

It's a Ring Thing

Okay, so I think I have been pretty good so far. I have only written one post about rings and it was a very short post at that. Anyone who knows me will know that I am completely and utterly obsessed by them. If I was only able to save one beloved possession from disaster I would, without doubt, pick one of my many rings.
What I love about rings, and with most jewellery these days, is that you don't have to spend a fortune on them when you go shopping. As with many people who have clothes/shoe addictions, when you go shopping you don't feel quite complete until you have at least bagged a new buy in the form of your favourite item. Well I am completely the same. No shopping trip is over until I have been able to peruse over a jewellery stand or two. What's best is that you can bag a bargain of a ring at Primark or H&M for just a couple of pounds; a very cheap retail therapy fix.

Yves Saint Laurent Blue Arty Ring
Last years Christmas present from my wonderful boyfriend

I'll admit that not all of my rings have come with the small price tag of just two pounds. However, as much as I love my YSL arty ring, which is not in my usual price bracket, my somewhat cheaper rings put up a good battle for my all time favourite. At the moment I am in love with this bear head ring, bought from Asos.

Asos open mouthed bear ring

I think it cost around £12 (I have had it quite a while now, it could have even been a little cheaper than I remember) and I love it now as much as when I first set eyes on it's amazing crystal studded mouth. I am a sucker for pretty much any ring that takes the form of an animal and so this little beaut was right up my street. I think Asos have come a long way in the last couple of years with their selection of jewellery. This teamed with their free super-saver delivery, it is far too easy to splurge on a few new pieces for your jewellery box.

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