Sunday, 14 November 2010

And I dream I'm an Eagle

I have to admit that I have a major obsession with claw and talon jewellery. It has been going on for quite a while now, I think since I managed to track down a Noemi Klein Claw Ring. I had been lusting after a Pamela Love claw piece of jewellery but even at pay day it's just too expensive for me. So I was really happy when I came across this ring on Ebay.

Noemi Klein claw ring

At first I was disappointed as I thought it was too small. I have quite small fingers anyway and hoped that it would be just right. It was too tight to fit properly on say my middle or index finger but I have come to love this ring more because it is small. It sits perfectly above my knuckle on my index finger or it fits snugly on my little finger. I think some rings worn on the little finger can look great. I have never owned a ring small enough to try this out though until now, and I love it! I can't remember if it is gold plated but the other great thing about this ring is that it doesn't change the colour of your skin at all. At least it is one less that I have to coat in clear nail varnish!

I have bought this necklace but instead of the claw holding a pearl it is holding a dark blue stone. I actually bought this a few weeks back but the clasp was broken so I returned it. Sadly they didn't have any more in stock to replace it but I came across another in the White Rose in Leeds when shopping with my mum and so I snapped it up straight away. I love the chain length. It measures about 56cm, so quite a long necklace for Topshop. I don't think you can ever have a necklace that is too long. I love to layer short and long ones together as I think this adds more personality to your jewellery style. Although both colours are sold out online I have since seen a lot of them in quite a few Topshop stores. If you have your heart set on this I suggest browsing in a few of your local stores as I am sure you will find one.

I am now keeping my eyes peeled for some more claw jewellery to add to my collection :)

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