Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Edward Scissorhands?

Carrying on the theme of rings today I thought I'd also blog about another type of ring I can't seem to stop thinking about at the moment. After seeing Mary Kate Olsen's growing collection of armour rings (I think she has worn at least one of Loree Rodkin's rings, see them at Browns) appear in more and more magazines and on blogs I decided it was high time I finally bought one. In true me style though once I'd jumped on the bandwagon it seems that I couldn't stop and instead ended up getting three!

From left to right: Asos Filigree Finger Harness ring from Ebay, Topshop Armour Ring, Topshop Armour ring from Ebay

I had noticed rings like a while ago, before they became quite fashionable. But as I'd mainly seen them in more Gothic looking shops, I wondered if when worn they would seem a little o.t.t. I think wearing all three at once makes my hand look better suited to those of Jonny Depp's in the film Edward Scissorhands. They are a little clunky and kind of noisy too.

When worn on their own, or with another somewhat tamer ring, I think they make an interesting accessory. I am yet to convince my boyfriend, he seems to think they are a little much, but as with most jewellery I tend to think 'the bigger the better'.
If you are thinking of buying one of these rings, but worry they could be a bit 'out-there', opt for a tamer version such as the Asos filigree style or try and find a silver and gemstone version so there doesn't seem to be as much metal.

I can't wait to see what other versions hit the highstreet soon so I can make my collection grow.

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