Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A Little Sneak Peek...

Just thought I'd share a few photos I snapped whilst photographing some jewellery. I am still getting used to using a digital slr so the photos aren't really the best quality (I don't know what half the buttons do!)

I really need to do some tidying. I end up collecting a lot of jewellery at the end of each day in this three tier stand from Ikea. It is so much easier than putting it all back away, I just need to get round to organising it a bit more!

I took some quick snaps of inside my ring draw. I used to keep my rings in dishes and boxes until last Christmas when I got these great ring pads from my boyfriend. They are so useful and save me loads of time on a morning now I can see them all my rings a lot better.

clockwise from the top: Mango, Accessorize, Blue Rinse Vintage, Joy, Monsoon and H&M
These are some of my favourite bangles/cuffs. I really need to buy a stand or somewhere for them to go, at the moment they are all sort of piled up all over the place.

Just a quick shot of some magazines, I love to read over old issues. If only my jewellery was this organised!

... and Squishy (I am a sucker for soft toys!). Bought on holiday a couple of years ago, again by my wonderful boyfriend, Squishy just has those sad eyes that you can't resist.

A bit of a random post. I have some more photos of jewellery to put up sometime soon but uni work calls for now. I am struggling, as I think most bloggers are, with the lack of light now the clocks have gone back, so I am trying to take a lot of photos all in one go when I get home early. At the moment I am just sorting through them all and getting some assignments done.
Hope everyone is having a great week!

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