Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Baggy Trousers

Zoe & Morgan Foxy Knocker Necklace in 22ct gold plate

Antique Diamond, Platinum and 14ct gold Ring
Primark Bunny Ring

Topshop Stud Bangle from a set of 4
Bijou Brigitte bracelet, Topshop Studded ring from a set
Pamela Love Bear Ring in 14ct Vermeil

H&M grey and gold oversized jumper
Topshop high waisted, wide leg, grey trousers
New Look plaited brown leather look belt
So I thought today I'd show you what jewellery I am wearing. As you may have noticed I don't normally post outfit photos (I don't really like being infront of the camera!) but I thought they might be a nice idea to throw into posts now and again so you can see how what I am wearing all fits together, instead of just seeing what rings I have or and what necklace.
As I'm wearing my tiny, delicate Zoe & Morgan fox necklace I thought I'd wear quite a heavy, chunky bracelet to balance things out a little. I got this bracelet from Bijou Brigitte in Spain a couple of years ago on holiday. After wearing it again and again I decided to buy the necklace that matched it, which my mum brought back for me from another trip. I don't normally buy matching sets of jewellery as I think when you wear them it can all look a little too matchy, but layering the necklace with other gold chains and the mixing the bracelet in with other bangles they seem to complement each other very well (I will try and remember to show you the necklace in another post soon).
I'm off to my first spin class tonight which I am pretty nervous about to be honest! My boyfriend has finally persuaded me to go with him to see what it's all about. I try and go to the gym regularly (although at the moment I am also loving the 30 Day Shred DVD) and I go to a Body Attack class twice a week, but I don't think any of this is going to have prepared me enough for sitting on a bike and pedalling for dear life for nearly an hour. I'm just hoping that I don't have Bambi legs when I get off at the end!

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