Thursday, 6 January 2011

I wrote it in a letter

So before I disappear to London and then just blog blog blog about hopefully the amazing things I see and find, I wanted to share with you a necklace I really do love.

Topshop Boutique grey knit jumper dress and leggings

I bought the envelope fob from an Aladdin's cave of an antiques store in Cold Spring, New York. Last summer I went with my parents to stay in New Jersey with a couple we had known for a few years. Although I loved every second visiting Manhattan and seeing all the touristy things, I have to say our day trip to upstate New York to visit Barry and Sandra's daughter was one of my highlights of the holiday.

The town was just full of Antique shops, each one with so many cabinets and displays full to bursting with jewellery, bags and ornaments amongst other things. I fell in love with two things. One was this stamp holder fob. I think it is fob, as I have seen similar ones here in the UK but I think it looks so much better on a chain. It is silver and has a split compartment to hold two lots of stamps. Before going away I had seen loads of envelope style costume necklaces which I was undecided on buying. As soon as I saw this version I knew it had to come home with me. The chain I have it on at the moment is just an old one I bought from Topshop but I like the fact it is quite thick. The envelope is pretty large and reasonably weighty so the chain seems to balance this out. If you love antiquing this is definitely a place you should try and visit!

Rings from left to right: Topman double finger bird ring, antique diamond and platinum ring and clear plastic white rose ring from Asda Living.
I thought you might like to see what rings I am wearing today. I'm keeping things pretty simple at the moment as I am still so in love with my ring that Alex bought me for my 21st. I love it so much I could just wear it alone but I don't want to forget all about my other lovely rings too!
Now I'm just sorting out some final things for my trip to London tomorrow. I thought I would make my nails look nice for the trip by painting them with the Barry M Instant Nails Effect nail varnish. I used Barry M Pink Iridescent np264 underneath first and finished them off with Boots Natural Collection clear nail varnish. I was a little worried I had applied the nails effect varnish a little too thick, making my nails just look chipped but I am very please with the result. The best part is it is just so easy to use!
I'm sure I will be tweeting away whilst in London so if you want to keep up with what I'm doing just follow me through my twitter link in the side bar. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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