Monday, 21 February 2011

A Sneak Peek...

I apologise for the slow down of posts recently. I am working on a longer post, hopefully that will be ready by the end of the week, that will be featuring my ultimate jewellery favourites. It might just be a post on what I have collected over the years, as a couple of fellow jewellery bloggers have requested this recently, or I might include some pieces I would buy, if only I won the lottery. For now I wanted to show you some photos of what might be featuring this week.

Although I have so much uni work to do at the moment, I have to admit I am really loving my last semester modules. There is quite a lot of reading to be done, and as these are my last few months of being an undergrad, I want to make the most of it all. Because of all this I am having to take a slight step back from the blog. I will still be posting (as much as I can fit in!) so I do hope when I am back on full blogging form, in a few weeks, you will forgive me for having had my head stuck in several books and neglecting you all! Thank you to all my lovely readers for visiting my blog, and for following if you have. It was really nice to have a couple of new followers appear last week :) I will still be reading comments, and as always, I will reply to them too.
I best get back to some more reading!

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