Monday, 21 March 2011

In a Heartbeat: Les Nereides Pirate Skull Ring

I fell in love with Les Nereides jewellery as soon as I first laid eyes on this skull through Asos a few years ago. I was lucky enough to buy this little skull, clenching a sword between its teeth, on a necklace, although I missed out on their version of this necklace as a ring. A few months ago, someone was selling another one of these necklaces, so I thought the closest I could get to owning the ring to match my lovely necklace would be if I worked some DIY magic. I used an unloved stacking ring I had spare and took the pendent from the necklace I won on eBay, combined the two and voilĂ ! Okay so it isn't as perfect as the original design, but as it is now no longer made, it is the closest I reckon I will ever get and I love it that little bit more as I had to put a little effort into it myself :) It is very rare that I ever like jewellery sets, or jewellery made to match, but I have to admit I love to wear my necklace and ring together. The attention to detail Les Nereides put into this skull makes it as fabulous as pieces by Alexander Mcqueen and Gisele Ganne, but for a lot less money. The pretty pink rose on the sword handle is my favourite tiny detail.

At the moment I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel in regards to uni work. I am looking forward to a break in assignment deadlines so I can get started on some other jewellery DIY projects. Hopefully I will be putting some items in my shop around the same time too - I will keep you posted :)

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