Thursday, 3 March 2011

Little 15 Jewellery

After recieving such a lovely tweet from Little 15 Jewellery I realised I hadn't yet blogged about their amazing online shop. They stock a range of designers, including one of my favourites Alex Monroe, and as well as a wide range of styles to suit any taste they also have a great selection of sale items if your looking for a bargain. What more could you want?

Jacey Withers Sterling Silver Rabbit Ring

Laura Lee 18k Yellow Gold Lucky Horseshoe Necklace

Alex Monroe Gold Plated Sterling Silver Peacock Feather Necklace

If you are lucky enough to shop in London Little 15 also have a gorgeous boutique. Hopefully when I visit the city again in the summer I will be able to have a look at these beautiful pieces in person.

So if you haven't come across Little 15 before I suggest you go have a look, I'm sure whatever your taste you will fall in love with the jewellery they sell.

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