Monday, 18 April 2011

In Love With: Cath Kidston

Although I am one for the 'real thing', I do love it when a designer can master the art of making something new whilst making it appear vintage. There are a lot of designers about at the moment trying to recreate the vintage/antique look and I have to admit I am a fan of very few. I'm not really sure why this is. I am one for the thrifting thrill, when you find a great vintage piece and knowing it's a one of a kind, but it is nice to see that modern jewellery is returning to its previous great eras. I think I am so unsure about a lot of imitation vintage because it appears as imitation vintage. Surely the success of imitation is that you can't tell that it doesn't have fifty plus years of history behind it. When I came accross Cath Kidston's take on imitation vintage jewellery, inspired by Victorian charms, I was impressed at how 'real' it actually looked. Using a mixture of chains and whimsical vintage inspired charms, all topped off with faux pearls and turquoise and a heart clasp here and there, if it hadn't been featured on Asos I would have thought I'd tracked down another vintage gem.

Vintage Charm Necklace £47
Vintage Charm Bracelet £38
Vintage Charm Heart Earrings £18

Sparkle Daisy Earrings £18

I am a huge fan of the vintage charm necklace. It reminds me so much of Annina Vogel's charm necklaces, using real vintage charms, only with a much smaller price tag. I am hoping to take a trip to York soon and I know there is a Cath Kidston store there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed these pieces look as lovely in person.

All images taken from: Asos

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