Monday, 25 April 2011

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to include a little sunshine in a post this week. I have been meaning to post about these two pieces for a while now, as I haven't been blogging about that much vintage recently. I am a huge fan of Yves Saint Laurent jewellery, both new and vintage. I think their designs are unusual and creative yet classic. As much as I love my arty rings, I most enjoy tracking down vintage YSL as there is no bigger thrill (for me at least) than to find a once in a (shopping) lifetime amazing vintage discovery. Another great thing about buying vintage/second hand is that you usually can find great bargains. Both the necklace and bracelet were bought for no more than £20, brand new they would have cost hundreds of pounds. As with any vintage buying you need to know what you are looking for to save yourself counterfeit heartbreak, and although with jewellery you can't always be sure, it does pay to know about markings, stamps and key elements of costume jewellery design.

This bracelet reminds me of Genie's lamp in Aladdin. It is quite a weighty piece, a sign of quality and has a signature YSL clasp. The colours are quite striking which makes it a real statement bracelet.

I instantly fell in love when I first laid eyes on this necklace. I still can't believe it was such a bargain. The heart does show a little sign of rubbing to the gold colouring but I quite like the worn look it has. The quartz spear appears to run right through the heart, but when you look at the back of the pendant you can see it is two separate pieces. Also from the back you can see the YSL marking which also states 'made in France'.

Bargains are definitely out there to be found, you just have to be prepared to do some searching!

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