Friday, 8 April 2011

With a little charm

From left to right: vintage costume faux jade and silver bracelet, antique jade and sterling silver bangle and solid silver antique charm bracelet
This weekend, like most, I made sure I enjoyed as much of the sunshine as possible. I love when we get weather in the UK as warm as this, it reminds me that things can look a lot better when it's sunny. I thought I would layer on a few bracelets, to add to the flippant summer look I love so much. I inherited this amazing silver charm bracelet from my great aunt. Sadly she died when I was only little, but it was well known in my family that she was a lady of style. I think it is clear when you see her jewellery alone that she had great taste.
Although I do really like modern charm bracelets I have to admit, besides rings, I have a huge weakness for vintage silver charm bracelets. There is something really lovely in the fact that you can never find two the same. I have been collecting charms from antique shops for my own bracelet for a few years now. Although I have found some real gems I still get more excited about buying a bracelet already with charms attached. I like to work out the story behind the person who once owned it, charm by charm. One of the reasons I haven't got round to making my own is that I haven't been able to find the right chain bracelet. I do have my gran's charm bracelet too but I just don't feel I can add to either of them. I have recently managed to find a bracelet that could be just what I have been looking for, so hopefully I will do another post soon of my very own bracelet.

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