Tuesday, 17 May 2011

End of an Era

Image source: Topshop.com

So I have finally handed in all my work and have finished my undergrad degree. Technically I haven't officially finished as I haven't graduated yet. I have (fingers crossed) that yet to come in July. After I handed in my assignment my mum and I thought we'd treat ourselves to a little Trafford Centre visit and I bought this armour ring from Topshop. I had been lusting after it ever since I first came across it in Elle and I waited patiently for it to arrive on the Topshop website. Sadly I missed it, as it sold out almost straight away, and I hoped on my trip to London a couple of weeks ago I might be lucky enough to bag one, but it wasn't in stock there either. it was quite a surprise when I saw a few in stock today and I knew it was fate. It is just that little bit different from my others (I know I have a slight problem) and I think the faux pearls make it that bit softer. I will post some more photos of it soon, I have a feeling it will be making a lot of appearances in the future!

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