Friday, 16 September 2011

Calling All Angels

So I said, that I would post about my Spanish holiday buys. I didn't include this little beauty in the sneak preview post as I was actually wearing it at the time. This gorgeous pendant is called an Angel Caller. I bought it from a market stall, which also has a fab website (click here), which is run by a lovely family who make a lot of their jewellery for sale themselves. Sadly I forgot to buy a silver chain at the same time and so for the moment it is on a somewhat tarnished Topshop chain. I would love a long antique silver chain for it, something a little different but that won't break the bank. If anyone knows of anywhere I might find one please leave a comment :)

The outer part is made from sterling silver and the inside ball, that chimes whenever it is moved, is made of brass. It makes the sweetest little noises. When I bought it I was given a bit of background as to what Angel Callers are all about.

According to the legend of the Angel Callers, elves believed that to protect themselves when they had to flee the forest where they lived, they needed a symbol of protection from the angels.

So, they wore around their necks a little ball with a precious sound and whenever they felt in danger all they had to do was to shake the ball and the angels would come and protect them.

This became known as the Angel Caller.

I love the idea of the pendant and I think they are beautiful to look at too. You can buy them with different stones in the top, I chose Garnet. Normally I hate Garnets as I think they are just miserable coloured Rubies (Garnet is also my birthstone and I am always annoyed that it is not something a bit nicer!) but this particular stone caught my eye. I think it is a bit lighter than normal Garnets.

I should hopefully have some more photos up of the rings I bought soon. Thank you for the lovely comments about them. I can't seem to stop myself wearing them at the moment!

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