Monday, 10 October 2011

In Love With: Beau and Arrow

I came across Beau and Arrow jewellery on Asos Marketplace not long ago after doing a little internet window shopping. As clichéd as it sounds I instantly fell in love. I always get excited when I find a new jewellery designer that makes gold and silver jewellery at prices that don't leave me adding jewellery to my ever growing wish list. Beau and Arrow's jewellery is hand made to order and each piece can be made in a variety of metals. Their designs are unique and offer something a little differing to your normal precious metal jewellery.

My favourite piece has to be this little rabbit ring. Sadly I had to have my rabbit put to sleep a few months ago and I have decided to invest in this ring to wear as a memento of my lovely Ricky.

Images sources from: Beau and Arrow

You can find out more on Beau and Arrow's website

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