Thursday, 10 November 2011

A Little Piece of Marcasite Heaven... or two!

I have been spoilt again by my wonderful Auntie Yvonne. You may remember the post I did about a stunning silver and lapis Swedish necklace she gave me a few months ago. Well this week she has given me two wonderful silver and marcasite pieces which I have fallen head over heels for.

First is this beautiful silver, marcasite and amethyst ring,

I have become increasingly interested in marcasite over the last few weeks. I find it is a great versatile stone which not only carries a look of history and age, but also can be made to appear modern yet timeless. I have been wearing this ring stacked with a mix of other silver and gold rings. I know it will be a piece I wear time and time again.

I was also given this wonderful marcasite brooch,

I am undecided whether it is a feather or a leaf, but either way it is a truly beautiful piece of jewellery. Both pieces date before the 1950's, yet this brooch sparkles as if it was made yesterday.

I am yet to wear it as a brooch, but I have come up with other ways it could be worn. Yet again another versatile piece.

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