Friday, 20 January 2012

Not Just For The Boys

Image via Google Images - Marie Claire

Noemi Klein Claw Ring

It can be a trend that people love or hate, but I have to admit that I am enjoying seeing the increase in women wearing pinky rings. For many years, pinky rings were big gold, sovereign-style rings that men wore on their little finger, but now it isn't just men adorning the usually neglected finger!

Whether delicate and antique, or modern and chunky, pinky rings are becoming a more regular sight on women's little fingers everywhere.

I tend to buy rings that I fall in love with, even if they are too small to wear on the finger I would like, so from time to time I wear rings on my little finger. I love the different edge it can bring to an outfit and can really show off the ring itself. I do prefer small rings, as I find larger ones seem to get in my way a bit but I have to admit I love the armour ring above being worn on the little finger!

You may have seen this lovely Noemi Klein claw ring on Heart of Solid Gold before, but I wanted to show you one of my own pinky rings. When I first bought this ring, I was disappointed that it was so tiny, but since trying it on my little finger I would never want it to be any other size.
Love them or hate them, pinky rings are making a comeback and this time they aren't just for the boys!

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