Wednesday, 16 May 2012

As Busy as a Bee

A few days ago I found out I was the lucky winner of EC One's Alex Monroe Bumblebee competition.  I could barely believe my eyes when I saw the e-mail from the lovely EC One's press department letting me know I would be the new owner of this coveted necklace! 

As I'm sure you will know by now I am a huge fan of Alex Monroe's jewellery.  Having closely followed Alex's collections for many years I made my first purchase at the end of last year, buying one of his 12 Days of Christmas pieces, a lovely rose gold fox necklace and if it was possible I fell deeper in love with Alex's jewellery.  I had been eyeing up a few more of his pieces recently, adding them to my pay day wish list each month and the little gold bumblebee necklace had been a strong contender for top place.  

My gold bumblebee came winging it's way (I couldn't resist!) to me today in this beautifully wrapped parcel - it felt like Christmas had come early!

As the sun was shining I couldn't resist taking a few photos of the little guy outside enjoying some rays.

I'd like to say a huge thanks to EC One and Alex Monroe - I couldn't be happier! If you'd like to own your very own bumblebee you can shop Alex Monroe's collection via EC One here.

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