Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Lucky Charms

Another Instagram post tonight (sorry if you do follow me on Instagram and have seen these pieces before!), this time about my favourite antique charms of the moment. I really love layering necklaces and pendants for a more personal jewellery style and these silver charms fit perfectly together.

The silver and moonstone Hamsa hand charm I picked up on a trip to Marrakesh a few years ago. The centre swallow and horseshoe charm has a butterfly wing background. I found this charm on eBay and managed to win it for just a couple of pounds due to the butterfly wing being faded.  I think despite this damage it still makes for a lovely piece of jewellery! The antique silver coin on the right has a tiny opal inset into it.  I also have a similar coin that I bought a few years ago with a tiny sapphire inset into it and have seen a couple of others over the years.  I'd love to know more about these coins and if there was a certain reason for the stones.  They are definitely something I am going to do a bit more research into.

The chain is a Fashionology chain taken from one of their silver claw necklaces that I one in a competition a while ago.  There necklaces are great long length and are very hard wearing - their jewellery is definitely worth taking a look at as they also make gorgeous rings.

I've been wearing this necklaces quite a lot recently, I love the eclectic style of layering charms and necklaces.  They look lovely worn with summer dresses - if only we could have some better British weather!

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